Gurranabraher Credit Union offer our members a full Payment Account Facility service.  This service enables you to send money into your Credit Union account and send money out of your Credit Union account by means of electronic funds transfer. This convenient service allows you to manage your finances directly from your Credit Union account.  We continue to offer our Direct Debit facilities whereby you can send money from your Bank account into your Credit Union account.  This can be done at the counter or by downloading a form from our useful document section

Electronic Fund Transfers

What is an EFT (electronic funds transfer)?
A facility where funds can be transferred to your beneficiary’s bank account at your request.

How do I set up an EFT to pay money in?

  • Step 1 Obtain BIC (MNCUIE21XXX) & IBAN from the Credit Union or if you are registered for CUOnlineyou can easily get your BIC & IBAN.
  • Step 2 Tell the Credit Union where you would like the money to go e.g. €100 broken into €40 loan, €40 own shares , €20 current balance or set up the payment through CUOnline.  You may also send money from the same payment into a different Credit Union account(s), e.g. save into a children’s account.
  • Step 3 Once setup reoccurring payments are available in your Credit Union account(s) within 24 hours from when they are sent from the bank.

How do I set up a direct debit?
Easy! Just call in to the Credit Union office to complete a direct debit mandate.  Please ensure you bring your bank account details with you.  Please note that Direct Debits cannot operate from a bank savings account.

Later on, if you need to adjust the date or amount of your direct debit, just give us a call and we can deal with your request over the phone, no more form-filling! (Once we have your signature on your original mandate).

Standing Order

Standing Orders are also a convenient way to lodge money from your Bank account to your Credit Union account on a regular basis.  Avoid the queue and arrange your Standing Order today.

How does it work?
Your bank account is debited on a date requested by you, and with an amount requested by you, and the funds are credited to your Credit Union account on the next bank working day.  A Standing Order can be operated from a bank savings account.

2 simple ways to set up a standing order

  1. Set up payment through CUOnline.
  2. Call in to our offices with your bank account details (BIC & IBAN)

Additional Information

Members operating any of the above facilities, receive a quarterly statement free of charge.  It may be of interest to you to register as an on-line member, therefore you can view your transactions whenever suits you.

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