Beat the queue at Gurranabraher Credit Union by choosing Freedom Pay, the better way to simplify how you lodge or withdraw your money.  If you find it difficult to come in to the Credit Union to save or make loan repayments, then FreedomPay is for you


How does FreedomPay work?


  • Set up a regular savings plan from your Bank Account – you can always top it up if you have some spare cash
  • If you have to pay more than one account every week, why not arrange to pay all the funds into one account and we can disburse into the other account automatically
  • Forget ringing the Credit Union every week with to pay with you debit card, we can set up a Debit Card Payment Plan to come out automatically at a time of your choosing. We can also disburse it across more than one account
  • Your Credit Union account has its own IBAN (just like a Bank Account) . You can give this to your Employer/ Government Department/ Financial Institutions so that payment can be made directly into your Credit Union Account.  No waiting time for


  • Give utility companies your Credit Union Account IBAN when paying Bills
  • No need for cheques, just tell us the account you need to pay and we can send it electronically, it will be the receivers account next day
  • Connect your Credit Union Account to PayPal so that you purchase items online without the need for a Debit Card.


  • Get your loan paid into an account of your choice
  • Set up your repayments by Direct Debit no need to worry about calling in every week


  • No Queuing
  • Any documentation can be signed either online or at our Offices in Bakers Road & Hollyhill
  • No waiting time for Cheques to clear
  • Saves postage
  • No need to carry large amounts of cash

For more information just call 021 4303394 or call into our Bakers Road Office and ask to speak to our Payments Expert.

Call us on 021 4303394