Gurranabraher Credit Union is limiting in-office transactions

We wanted to let our members know that we are open but our first priority is to protect our staff and members.   With this in mind we are going to limit in office  transactions to the following:

  • Cash Withdrawals

  • Loan Issue

  • Cash Loan Repayments

  • Pay essential bills from your Credit Union account

However, all other services are being delivered electronically, online or by phone and email


What can I do over the phone or email

There are a number of our services that you can use over the phone:

  • Apply for Loan
  • Use your Debit Card to pay your loan
  • Help with access to your online account
  • Request Statements
  • Ask us a question
  • Request to set up a direct debit from you bank account to cover a loan repayment
  • Request to set up a debit card payment plan to cover a loan repayment
  • Request a payment from your Credit Union account to pay a bill

What can I do on the Gurranabraher Credit Union Website

  • If you are not registered to access your account online you can register here
  • If you are registered you can
    • Check your balance
    • Transfer funds from you Credit Union account to your Bank Account
    • Using your debit card you can make loan repayments or add to your savings
    • You can set up regular payment plan on your loan
  • Apply for loan


What happens if the Credit Union has to close

We would hope that this will not happen however we have to plan for most eventualities. We have put into place some alternative measures that can be introduced in the event that the Credit Union has to close. We will continue to offer a phone service to our members however some of our services may be limited we will however be able to:

  • Take loan repayments over the phone using a debit card or bank account
  • Give advice on online transactions
  • Provide a limited loans service (application and issue)

We will keep our members updated using all the channels available to us, but we know some of our Older and most vulnerable members may have difficulty in accessing this information. We would ask other members to share this information and help these members contact us if they need our assistance