Friday 01st may 2020 is a European Bank Holiday, and although a normal banking day here in Ireland, it is a Bank Holiday in Europe.  As a result no electronic Euro payments can be transferred to other banks both in Ireland and abroad on this day, due to the European Clearing system being closed for the Bank Holiday.

All electronic Euro credit transfers payments will not be received by the Beneficiary until Monday 04th May.  EFT’s (Electronic Fund Transfer) leaving a members account on after mid day on Thursday 30th April and Friday May 01st will not leave until Monday 04th May and therefore will not be deducted until Monday 04th May.

Please bear this in mind for all electronic transactions that are done at the counter after mid morning on Thursday 30th April will not settle in the destination accounts until Monday 04th May.

This will be the same for funds that members are sending in electronically from their bank accounts to their normal credit union accounts.  Transactions will resume as normal on Monday 04th May.