Freedom Starter Account

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Freedom Starter Account

Who can apply for a Freedom Starter Account?

The Online Freedom Starter Account is for all members and new members within the common bond between the ages of 18 – 30.

This is the account that you need when you are starting to save for your first Holiday, your first Car, your first place or your first ……….. We know that you just want to get things done quickly and easily, so we have developed an account that you can create 100% online.

All you need to do is:

  1. Complete your application online
  2. You will then receive a notification to download the IDPal app to confirm your identity (the app will allow you to scan your Proof of ID, Proof Address & take a selfie)
  3. Once we have confirmed your identity we will send you the Membership Documents to sign using our DocuSign electronic signatures technology
  4. Tell is how you want to start saving, we can set up a DD on your behalf or you can do it through your bank
  5. After 6 weeks saving a minimum of €20 per week you can apply for a €2000 loan (Loan approval subject to a Satisfactory Credit Check and Terms and conditions)
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Freedom Starter Account:

  • No account maintenance and transaction fees.
  • Set up a regular payment (min 6 Weeks) into your Freedom Starter Account and you can apply for a loan of €2000
  • You can set up a weekly or monthly payment  directly into your Freedom Starter Account
  • Create PayPal account to connect to your Freedom Starter Account to help with online shopping
  • Access to a loan of a minimum of €2000 after 6 weeks of saving (minimum savings €20 per week) – Subject to a satisfactory Credit Check and other T&C’s
  • Free Online access to your account through CUOnline
  • Free access to mobile banking through CUAnywhere
  • Guarantor may be required