Freedom Online Loan

With Gurranabraher Credit Union you can save while you borrow when you take out your first loan!

freedom online loan

Our Freedom Online Loan is clear, upfront and we created it for members who have never had a loan before – so what’s different:

  • You don’t need to have any savings to apply
  • You can borrow up to € 1500 for anything*
  • You can do it all online
  • We can even give you back some of the interest at the end of the year **
  • And the best bit is, part of your repayment can go directly into your savings

Borrow €1,500 and set up a payment of €40 per week over 12 months (52 Weeks) and at the end of the term you will have not only paid off your loan but will have built up savings of €491.92

Loan Breakdown

Amount Borrowed APR You pay this toward your Loan How long Total Loan Interest
€1,500 11.9% €30.54 52 Weeks € 87.50
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Not a Member of Gurranabraher Credit Union…… No Problem

You can join online at, get immediate membership*** and apply for a loan straight after.

  • *Satisfactory completion of Credit Check
  • **Interest Rate Rebate is dependant on passing of a motion at AGM
  • ***Membership is available to people who live and work in the region of our common bond.
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