The fundraising committee tasked with fundraising for the repair to the roof of the Church of the Ascension have been busy over the past few months.  Numerous fund-raising events have taken place including a concert in the Church as well as a very successful bingo night, sponsored by Gurranabraher Credit Union in the Parochial Hall.

Cash prizes for the bingo night were sponsored by the Northsides largest Credit Union, Gurranabraher Credit Union, who have a long association with the Church.   At a recent event Gurranabraher Credit wanted to acknowledge the ongoing hard work to raise the funds necessary.

Speaking at the event, Michael O Connell, Chair Gurranabraher Credit Union said “Gurranabraher Credit Union has an emotional connection to the Church of the Ascension, it was where it all began for us.  Our more mature members will remember going to the Credit Union “beneath the Church” in the 60’s and 70’s.  With the support of members our Credit Union has continued to grow into the largest Credit Union on the Northside.  As a Community based lending organisation, we continue to believe in supporting local groups, sporting organisations and charities.  We wish Fr Tomas and the Fundraising Committee continued success. “.

Further events are planned including a Race Night in March.  For those wishing to donate, an account has been set up in Gurranabraher Credit Union, and details are available from members of the Fundraising Committee and the Credit Union.